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Our foundry employs the latest state of art machines in its process of manufacturing machines. We use:

1- Green sand
2- Molasis sand
3- No bake sand
4- Resin sand
5- Co2 Sand

6 - Centrifugal Casting 

The process of moulding in the foundry includes pit moulding, cope-drag moulding with match plates. We use both pneumatic and hand moulding machines. A complete shell moulding plant including core shooters are used for shell sand castings.

After pouring of metal in the moulds the mould is taken to knock out here the sand is removed by giving small jolts. After visual inspection and other physical test the casting is taken to shot blasting / sand blasting machines & tumbling barrels for removing the entire sand. The casting is again inspected and sent to fettling shop for removal of fins, & flesh. If the casting is to be machined it is sent to the machine shop for machining if it is un-machined it is sent for dipping/ galvanizing/ zinc-plating etc.

We have facilities to produce centrifugally casted tubes of Ductile Iron and non magnetic cast iron which can be used for various purposes. 

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